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Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning $199 Special 3 rooms.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Special
.59 a sq ft. 


Tile & Grout Cleaning 

Over time, all tile and grout tend to get dirty. No matter how often you mop, some spots and stains seem to remain. Instead of living with it, call PNC Cleaning and Restoration for tile and grout cleaning services! Our specialized equipment is designed to fully clean and remove stubborn stains so you can protect your investment and enjoy your tile for years to come. We use the industry’s leading truck-mounted equipment that provides a superior clean in a shorter amount of time. Because our cleaning team is highly trained and experienced in cleaning tile and grout, you can expect nothing short of total satisfaction with our services.

Our tile and grout cleaning services are made to help your flooring look better and last longer. Start by filling out our convenient contact form or calling 239-689-6787 to talk to a member of the team. We offer convenient service hours with a prompt and professional team that will work with your schedule. Once we arrive, we’ll assess your flooring to determine the best cleaning methods for your type of tile. Since different types of tiles require different approaches, you can feel confident that our highly trained team will find the correct methods to clean your floors without causing damage.

We apply our industrial-strength cleaners to tile and grout, removing surface and deeper, more stubborn stains. Since grout is porous, it takes extra effort to remove the dirt and grime that it traps. But with us you get to enjoy the results without any of the hard work! After cleaning and rinsing your tile and grout, you’ll see why professional cleaning the right choice is. So, if you’re ready to skip the hassle and experience a deep cleaning, look no further than the local experts at PNC!


Steam Carpet Cleaning 

Between tracking in mud after a storm and daily spills, it doesn’t take long for your carpet to look dull and dingy. At PNC Cleaning, we can make your carpet look like those stains never happened! Our professional carpet cleaning services can get your carpet clean and fresh in less time with our top-of-the-line equipment and experienced cleaning technicians. We use truck-mounted equipment that provides a superior clean that store-bought cleaners can’t match. In addition, with steam carpet cleaning, we can achieve a deeper clean in less time.

What is steam carpet cleaning? It’s a process that uses hot water and high pressure to remove dirt and stains from all types of carpet efficiently. First, our industrial cleaners spray the water and cleaning agents into the carpet. Then, the pressurized water loosens dirt and stains while they’re simultaneously sucked back into the vacuum. Our process is gentle yet effective in prolonging the life of your carpet by removing contaminants that, over time, can actually degrade your carpet fibers. The best part is that our techniques guarantee less drying time so you can enjoy your fully-cleaned carpet sooner.

Our carpet cleaning services get the job done without damaging your carpet or leaving behind any residue. We use cleaners that are safe for your family and pets, so there’s never any worry about harsh chemicals left behind. Want to know more about our process? Ready to schedule? Our convenient contact form is available around the clock or give us a call at 239-689-6787 to talk to the PNC CLEAN team!


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